Fearless Birth & Beyond – Ultimate Life University

Nina Joy & Brack's experiences in having
3 Home Water Births and much more...

You Too Can Have A Fearless Birth

Imagine what it would be like if you could create the birth of your dreams.

Fearless Birth & Beyond will stretch your imagination beyond what you might think or believe pregnancy & childbirth has to be like.In this beautiful picture book you will take an amazing journey with Nina Joy to Hawaii, where she swam with spinner dolphins during her pregnancies.

Experience a painless, fearless birth of a Star in a vortex of liquid love.And for the birth of her third water baby, you will be on the edge of your seat for the count down to two Dome Births!

You will feel as if you are on these adventurous pregnancy & birth journeys with her and all the while gain invaluable information on how to create the birth of your dreams.In Nina's "How to" section she shares simple tools and Keys you can easily use to release fears or doubts in yourself.

Valuable information that can help release negative memories or traumas you may have experienced, whether conscious or unconscious, about pregnancy, labor and birth.

Nina shares her secrets of success in deliberately creating Joyous Conscious Birth.

"It is my joyous intention, to uplift and empower you and help guide you back to you! To assist you in recognizing that your body was designed to give birth. No matter what you have been told or experienced in the past, you absolutely do have innate wisdom within you. And you can call upon that wisdom, not only during this time of your life... this oh so powerful right of passage, but always!

"In this one of a kind book you will re-discover that your body was precisely created for childbirth and that the power within you can be harnessed and called upon during this amazing time of your life.

Fearless Birth & Beyond will uplift your spirits, your pregnancy and empower and guide you towards the "BIRTH OF YOUR DREAMS!

About the Author Nina Joy:
I was born in Port St. Joe, Florida in the year 1958. I feel like a Dolphin out of the water and consider myself a Professional Student. I've been blessed beyond belief and conscious for many years that God, the Source of my being, lives within me and all around me and that all of my power is in the Now!

When I was 17 years young I enlisted in the U.S. Navy Hospital Corps, and my plwork (play/work) was equivalent to a Civilian Nurse. My time in the Hospital Corps was very fulfilling and at the time I couldn't imagine doing anything else!

However my life drastically changed when my back was broken due to a very freaky car crash, and I ended up on the same Naval hospital ward I had been working on for a year. Being laid up in a body cast for a couple of months and then surgery six months later gave me much time to meditate on pain, illness and disease. I couldn't help wonder why there was so much of it!

This led me to many years of studying Nutrition, Anti-aging practices, Preventative Medicine, Psychology and more holistic approaches for a healthy life. When I was in my 20's I worked with many Doctors and studied with teachers of Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Prayer and Spiritual healing light energy and have taught all these!

People have described me as a person who is ahead of her time. It's true that I have always felt and acted differently than most, a bit of a misfit growing up... yet contrast has served me well, spurring me on to a more leading edge of thought!

Traveling the world and living in exotic places has been a passion of mine. I have visited places like China, Japan, Russia and many European countries and have lived in Hawaii and Tahiti, which were my favorites, as

I love spending most of my life swimming with dolphins, whales and little fishies!I have had many experiences of telepathic communication with dolphins and whales and while I was pregnant, the clarity and strength of our communication was much more amplified. I learned so much from our interactions! Being accepted into the "Pod Mind" was beyond amazing and undoubtedly helped me birth my three Daughters more consciously!

I have personally experienced 3 fearless, super-conscious water births. To some it might seem very unconventional, yet it was perfect for us!I believe that if your INTENTION is to have a fearless, painless birth experience... or anything else for that matter, YOU CAN!